Who is it for?

theleadershipcourse isn’t a christian gap year for everybody. Although we don’t restrict Soul61 to a specific number of people per year, we won’t be able to invite everyone to come and join us. Andy & Group Wide

This is an idea of what we are looking for:

Young and Emerging Leaders:

the course is specifically about leaders. We are looking for people who feel God is drawing them towards leadership as those who’ve started to realise that already will probably benefit most from the course.

Over 18 But Under 25:

we’re not being age-ist but are gearing theleadershipcourse to those aged between 18 and 25. The idea is to support, grow and encourage young leaders, rather than established ones. Please bear in mind that this isn’t a formal course with a qualification, but a chance to come to learn and grow.

Servant Hearts… Honestly:

we’re not looking for people who think they’ve got all the skills necessary to be an amazing leader and are just looking for a platform. You don’t need to think you’re a particularly good leader at the moment. What we are looking for are people who have a genuine and deep desire to develop their character and an openness to be used by God wherever He chooses.

 Here’s Natalie talking about how she found theleadershipcourse: