What are the course dates?

The dates for the 2019-20 course will be confirmed shortly but the course runs from November to end of August.

Do I get any time off?

There is a two week holiday over Christmas and New Year and another one week holiday around Easter.

Although we expect you to be committed to the course for the time you are here and to make it your priority, we try to be as flexible as possible with allowing people to go home for special occasions and other visits.

How much does it cost?

The basic course fee for the 2019-20 course is going to be £6,500. This fee needs to be paid in full before the course starts, by mid September 2019.

Included in this fee is rent, all household bills, teaching materials, books and travel within the UK.

You will also need to pay for living expenses such as food and entertainment. We recommend you budget £40-70 per week for this depending on your tastes!

Finally you will need to pay for any international trips you wish to go on.

That seems like a lot of money, how can I raise it?

It is a lot of money, we are aware of that and do everything we can to keep costs down. However, we have seen God provide time and again for people when they come to do the course.

The most important thing you can do is pray. God is faithful and many people who have done the course have miraculous stories of His provision.

Other ways of raising money include:

  • Ask 25 people (don’t all have to be Christians!) to sponsor you £10 a month or 50 people to sponsor you £5 a month for the ten months of the course. Sponsors could set up a transfer direct into your or our bank account. = £250 a month = £2750!

  • Run a movie & popcorn night at home. £10 entry x 10 people = £100

  • Do a car wash to raise funds. £5 a car x 20 cars = £100

  • Ask for money towards your fees instead of having birthday or Christmas presents. £100?

  • Clear out your bedroom and have a car boot sale or sell your stuff on eBay or gumtree and put the profits towards your fees. £150?

  • Odd jobs – we can all help decorate a friends home, help them in the garden, walk their dog, etc etc – £100?

  • Sponsored event – run a 10k, cycle a 10k, walk a 10k, or sit in silence for 24 hours with nothing to give you company other than your sister’s hamster! £250?

  • Ask your home church for financial support as well as for prayer support.

  • If you have your own savings you can of course use those.

  • Work hard during the months before joining The Leadership Course and save up your earnings.

  • Give a presentation on Soul61 to the various groups that meet in your church to raise various kinds of support.

  • Produce a monthly prayer letter with stories of what you are looking forward to as you prepare for The Leadership Course and whilst on the course, what God is doing in you. Be sure to include photos and ask for people prayer and money.

What is the application process like?

Firstly you need to complete your application form online and get your referees to complete the reference forms. If we decide we would like to interview you, we will contact you to arrange for you to come to an interview day in Watford. After your interview, we will let you know whether or not we are going to offer you a place on the course within two weeks.

What does a typical week look like?

You will have two days a week of teaching and time for self-directed study. The topics covered will include theology, ethics, leadership, communication, prayer ministry and worship.

Two days will be spent on your placement. The hours for this will vary depending on which area of church life you are involved in, but are likely to include both day time and evening activities.

On Sundays you will expected to attend one of the services and serve at another

However, you will probably find, that although each week may have a broadly similar structure, there isn’t much of a typical week when it comes to ministry. Sometimes, we just throw the structure out the window to focus on other events such as the Naturally Supernatural Conference!

If I apply for a specific stream, will I definitely be on that stream?

All of the streams have a limited number of spaces, and although we will endeavour to place people where they want to be, we cannot guarantee we will place you on the stream you apply for.

For the worship stream, there will be an audition as part of the interview process.

Can I have a job whilst on the course?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you to have a job whilst on the course as the nature of the course, with changing hours and varying commitments will make it impossible. We also want it to be 10 months set aside for learning, serving and spending time with God.

Do I have to live in Watford?

Yes, it is a requirement of the course that you live in the Soul61 accommodation. This is so we can build a community and so you can properly commit to the course and the church during your time here.

What are the international trips?

There is the opportunity to go on an international trip (or more than one) during the course. These are different every year, but in the past have included Australia, New Zealand, California, South Africa, Norway and Netherlands. The cost of these trips varies from around £150 to £3000.

What will happen now Soul Survivor events are finishing in 2019?

We aren’t 100% sure yet what the summer time of the 2020 course year will look like. As things become clearer, we will say!