Teaching Snapshots

Teaching is a key part of Soul61, we dedicate two days a week to it. A hope is that your mind would be set on fire for the things of God, along with our hearts. Throughout the course we have a vast variety of different people teaching on an array of topics. Some of the world class communicators involved in the teaching programme are Andy Croft, Mike Pilavachi, Ali Martin, Jeannie Morgan, Chris Lane, David Westlake and Will Van Der Hart. 

How To Write A Biblical Talk - Ali Martin

One of the modules in our teaching programme is communication with Ali Martin. Throughout this module Ali teaches how to write a talk, how to deliver a talk and how to critique a talk. Then each student gives a ten minute talk to the group. Our first teaching snapshot is part of this module: 

Leadership Snippets

Leadership Snippets is a series of videos on a variety of topics to equip and inspire you to grow as a leader. Check out the first two instalments, and make sure you check back so you don't miss the next one. 

Snippet 3 - Everyday Supernatural

Snippet 2 - Brother Andrew

Snippet 1 - Power