I was fresh out of 6th form when I did my gap year and what a 10 months they’ve been. I can now wash my clothes, budget my money, and understand introverts a lot better. As well as now being able to draw you a bible timeline, explain what makes a Godly leader and re-pressurise central heating.

Having 10 months surrounded by people that love God and are searching for what they’re meant to do with their lives has been the thing that has changed me the most. There’s nothing quite like living with friends to make you realise all your annoying habits, I am really not as tidy as I think!

The incredible variety of teaching has included pastors, vicars, worship leaders, charity workers and authors including Andy Croft for theology and Mike teaching on whatever he fancies on that particular day.

"God has taught me so much this year about myself and His kingdom"

One of my highlights on my gap year was serving at the Naturally Supernatural conference at Church, a crazy and exhausting week of ministry time, worship and amazing speakers. Learning how to pray for people and putting it into practice has been a challenge throughout this year, I’ve definitely been pushed out of my comfort zone!

God has taught me so much this year about myself and His kingdom and I am looking forward to whatever the next step of my journey will hold. He has stayed with me and provided for me this year and I know that this is just the beginning.